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BlogLet’s Make it a Designer Christmas

Although it may feel like November just snuck up on you, we here at HPerry Jewelers have been busy working in the background for months to ensure that the holiday gift giving season goes by as smoothly as possible. We have our highest level of inventory in stock at this time of year, precisely because we know you are going to need all the help you can get when shopping for those special people in your life for the holidays. Well, get ready and gear up – we’re waiting for you in store now! 

There are so many choices in our showcases right now. We carry tons of brands but some of our stand-out and most popular providers are Luvente and Allison-Kaufman Company.

Luvente was co-founded by Michael Dabakarov and Daniel Dabakarov – some serious heavy-weights in the jewelry industry – and between the 2 of them, they bring decades of industry experience to their brand, which is well-known in the industry for both its innovative and trend-driven designs and its timeless, classic pieces. Basically, this line will speak to the most meticulous jewelry connoisseur out there and a Luvente piece will impress them like no other. 

Looking for stunning diamond jewelry? You can’t do much better than an Allison-Kaufman Company piece. Not only are these pieces absolutely breath-taking, but they have been through one of the most meticulous quality control processes in the industry. It’s only once a piece has passed this quality and craftsmanship benchmark that it will proudly carry the name of an Allison-Kaufman Company piece. They are not to be missed and we have a wonderful selection of these pieces in store. 

We’re extremely proud to carry inventory by both of these highly- reputed designers and are excited to show you all the possibilities. Unless you experience it, it’s hard to describe to someone what it feels like to wear a high quality piece of jewelry that you know stands out in a crowd. It gives the wearer confidence, makes them feel special and puts a little smile on their face every time they think about it and who gave it to them. What more could you want when giving that special someone a gift this Christmas? 

In addition to our Luvente and Allison-Kaufman Company pieces, we have a huge array of pieces from other amazing designers to choose from. Check out this page: for more information. 

While our Luvente and Allison-Kaufman Company lines are primarily aimed at the ladies, we cater to that discerning gentleman too. You can’t do much better than a Hamilton watch when it comes to recognition and popularity in luxury timepieces. Like for the ladies, wearing that stunning, eye-catching and recognizable watch on his wrist gives him a sense of accomplishment and confidence. Their exclusive feel and the quality weight on the wrist is a subtle reminder to the wearer that he is wearing a piece of art. We have a wonderful array of Hamilton Watches in the store at the moment that we’d love to show you, but come in soon as they do tend to go fast! 

For those gift-givers who want to take a different tack this year, there’s still time to get that unique special custom piece made. Our custom design capabilities are legendary and we can create something with your input that will make 2022 the best Christmas ever for that lucky recipient. If you can dream it, we can make it, but don’t wait long as our bench-jewelers will be getting very busy very soon! And we also have a special event this month that may appeal. We are holding a one-day only Antiques show on November 18, 2022  in the store. These pieces are all unique and are bound to speak to the most eclectic personalities out there, so don’t miss it!

Busy times are ahead and we’re here to help take the pressure off. Come in and see both our luxury brands and our more day-to-day designers. You will see a wide range of options for all budgets, so we can set you up with that gift that is guaranteed to bring out a “Wow” when opened on Christmas morning. And don’t forget our fabulous layaway program. Choose your piece, put down and deposit and pay it off bit by bit. Just another way that we try and help take the pressure off our customers at what is generally a very busy (and sometimes stressful) time of year. We look forward to seeing you in our store soon! 

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