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Blog10 Tips For the Engagement Ring Shopper

The first time you look into a jewelry store display case and try to fixate on the intricate detail of not one, not two, but about twenty different engagement rings of varying styles, it can be a little overwhelming.

It’s hard to know where to start on the search for your “forever ring,” so we wrote this article to serve as a launchpad for the amazing shopping experience that you are about to have.

1. Do your research ahead of time.

If you don’t have a Pinterest, you might want to get one. We highly recommend using Pinterest as an invaluable resource for sorting through the thousands of styles on the market to find what kind of “look and feel” you really want in a ring. Do you want modern or vintage? Traditional or abstract? It might even be more important to find out what you don’t like and go from there. If you come into our store with a collection of pictures and styles that represent your taste, you will have a much easier time visualizing and articulating what you do and don’t want, and it will strengthen your communication with our jewelry consultants.

2. Ask your friends and family about their jewelry store experiences.

It’s pretty much impossible to become a jewelry expert overnight, but this is a test you can actually use your neighbors’ cliff notes on. Your friends and family who have done this before had to put a lot of time and research into find a ring when they went through this. Use them. Their research and experiences may be invaluable to you.

3. Have a style in mind, but still be open-minded to trying different rings on.

You’ve done the research on Pinterest and it’s given you some great ideas. Now it’s time to actually see them on. Some styles will look different on your hand than they do in the picture. Pinterest provided the inspiration, now it’s time to find the ring that exceeds your expectation.

4. Don’t stress.

We can not stress enough just how much you should not stress.
If you already know exactly what you want and are afraid you won’t be able to find it, you can always have it custom made.
If you don’t know at all what you want, it just means you haven’t seen “the ring” yet. Don’t settle. This is your forever ring.

5. Know your budget.

People talk a lot about the Four C’s, but no one ever mentions the 5th C: Cost.
You wouldn’t walk into a car dealership and ask to see a Mercedes for the price of a go-kart.

6. Ask lots of questions.

How can I say this without sounding crazy?
…We love jewelry. We love wearing jewelry. We love learning about jewelry. We love talking about jewelry. If we don’t get to talk to you about jewelry, our spouses will have to hear about it later. Save our spouses. Ask us questions.

7. Try as many rings on as you can.

You are not bothering the salesperson. The average customer will try on four or five rings and then stop asking because they feel like they are inconveniencing the sales associate.
Please let us help you!
This is what we do.
We love when people try rings on, and we get it, we love to do it too.

8. Having trouble visualizing?

Modify styles before your eyes with Our Showcase. You can scroll through different design options and preview the mountings with your choice of stone shape, color, and size.
Check out our blog article on How To Use Our Showcase, or go straight to Our Showcase.

9. Take pictures of the rings you like in our store and take advantage of our Wishlist.

Our point-of-sale has a system that will save photos and item numbers of styles that you like, so you can send in a “certain someone” to choose from a selection of pre-approved rings. You can get exactly what you want and still be surprised.

10. Have FUN!

This is your shopping experience, so make it what you want it to be! Have
fun with it, enjoy it. Bring your best friend or your mom, play loud music in the car
on the way to the jewelry store, grab some lunch nearby, and make a day of it.
Make it a great memory.

At HPerry Jewelers, we want you to be informed and make your very important decision with confidence. For more information, check out these helpful links:


Jordan Rayne
GIA Diamonds Graduate, GIA AJP
Designer and Consultant for HPerry Jewelers since 2013

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