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Custom Jewelry How To Use Our Showcase

Do you have an idea for your engagement ring design that you want to see before you buy?
Or are you starting your engagement ring shopping and need an idea of what all is out there?
Our Showcase might be an ideal tool for you to use on your shopping journey.

Our Showcase gives you the option to preview and modify existing designs in whatever color metal you prefer, and with whatever shape and size stone you choose. It allows you to see different designs, qualities, and prices change before your eyes so that you can choose the perfect ring for the perfect price.



Here is how it works.

Go to Our Showcase.
Select Mountings.
Select Flexible Designs.

And choose whatever category you want to look at. From here, you can tell the Showcase what color, size, and shape stone you want and it will preview all the designs with your specification and in whatever color metal you choose.

Feel free to click around the site and see what else stands out to you too, or, if you’re having trouble finding the Flexible Designs, just click here:

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