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BlogWhere to go for Peridot?

HPerry Jewelers, that’s where! We’ve got some beautiful peridot pieces in stock that we’d love to show you. 

For those who aren’t familiar with this gemstone, peridot is a gorgeous transparent green stone that appears to glow when the light hits it. Its soothing green color evokes a sense of calmness and serenity, something we could all use a little bit of right now. Peridot is sometimes mistaken for emerald, but its color is softer in intensity and has more of an olive hue than that of emerald. 

This unique gem has a rich history. Its popularity dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt. Some historians believe that the stunning green gems commonly associated with Cleopatra were actually peridot and not emerald. Not only is peridot the national gem of Egypt (often referred to by locals as “the Gem of the Sun”) but it is also August’s birthstone and the 16th wedding anniversary gemstone. 

Today, the peridot is not only prized for its beauty and rareness (it is considered a precious stone), but also for its spiritual and healing qualities. Some say that wearing or holding a peridot has a grounding effect – it calms and soothes and helps you get through stressful times. It has also been associated with good luck and is said to boost the wearer’s confidence. 

Whether purchased for its beauty or for its healing properties, peridot jewelry makes for a unique and thoughtful gift. Come in and see us this month and you’ll receive 20% off any peridot jewelry purchase. We have a wide array of peridot pieces in store and you can also  browse our “virtual jewelry” showcase here: We can order any of these latter items in for you.

Give us a call on 479-443-3222 or come on down to our store located at 4075 N Shiloh Dr. We love being your local jeweler!

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