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Diamond Education Tips for Selling Your Jewelry

We get a lot of people asking if we buy jewelry. The answer is yes, but after we buy the jewelry we have to send it to a refiner who removes the stones and melts down the gold. So, when we buy jewelry we can usually only offer what it’s worth in gold weight. It’s very hard to get out of a ring the money you originally put into it, so if you are wanting to sell your jewelry, you might consider these options.

Remount the stone in a different setting.
We understand that some people have emotional reasons for wanting to get rid of jewelry. You should know that once we remove a stone from it’s setting, the bad juju goes away. The complete ring may have bad memories attached to it, but the diamond in the center has intrinsic value. Setting it in a brand new ring makes it a completely different piece, and saves you from having to spend money on a new center stone.

Trade it in toward a new purchase.
If you are looking at a new piece of jewelry in our store, you can use the old jewelry that you have as a part of your payment.

Sell it to an individual.
Always be careful if you’re selling jewelry to someone that you don’t know. If you find a potential buyer on the internet through Craigs List or Facebook Marketplace, meet them in a secure location with cameras, such as your bank or a local jewelry store. If you have a serious buyer and you meet them at our store, your buyer can even take a look at it under the microscope to increase trust with you and validate the jewelry’s worth. This is probably the best way to get the most money for your jewelry.

Get a resale appraisal.
Our store uses a third-party appraiser to ensure impartiality and to build trust in our community’s jewelry industry. Mark Cartwright of The Gem Lab holds the highest of appraising credentials and has been trusted with appraising fine jewelry for over 30 years. If you are wanting to sell a piece of jewelry, how can you expect your buyer to have confidence in what the piece is if you don’t? Having a resale appraisal is an ethical and trustworthy way to sell a piece of jewelry, and may help you get more for your piece. Feel free to come by our store and ask about resale appraisals.



Jordan Rayne
GIA Diamonds Graduate, GIA AJP
Designer and Consultant for HPerry Jewelers since 2013

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