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BlogSerene Citrine

Fall leaves. Fresh orange slices. Sensational sunsets.

What does citrine make you think of?

How does it’s rich orange color make you feel?

Citrine is the color of sunshine, warmth, and joy. And it’s even more of a treasure for those born in November because it is their birthstone!

Citrine is the yellow-to-orange variation of quartz, and it’s known for it’s bright color and affordability. It’s easy to come by in all sizes, large and small, and looks absolutely radiant in both yellow and white gold!

Citrine ring by Luvente
Citrine pendant by Luvente
Citrine ring by Luvente

Citrine is suitable for everyday wear, so don’t be afraid to wear it as a ring! It is a 7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale and has good toughness.

As with all jewelry, be careful when you’re wearing it. Stay out of the pool with it on, and leave it at home if you’re working a lot with your hands. But don’t be afraid to wear it, if it get’s scratched we’ll be happy to send it to a lapidarist for re-polishing!

Wanting to integrate a citrine into your custom piece? We have loose citrine available for you to choose from! We can get citrine in just about every size and shape, so bring in your pin-spiration and let’s get to drawing!

For more information on our custom process, read here:

Loose Citrine selection on Our Showcase:

Did you know that you can use Our Showcase to preview a variety of designs with a citrine center stone? Or any center stone!!

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Citrine is a fabulous choice for every season, whether it’s your birthstone or not! It’s inexpensive, natural, and refreshing. If you have any questions about citrine, don’t hesitate to ask an HPerry Jewelers professional!

Written by…

Jordan Rayne
GIA Diamonds Graduate, GIA AJP
Designer and Consultant for HPerry Jewelers since 2013

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