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BlogRuby-Red, White and Blue!

July is here and we’re revving up to have some fun this month! It is, after all, the height of summer and our country’s birthday. How will you be celebrating July 4th this year? We know how we’re doing it: with ruby! 

Ruby: it’s one of the colors in our flag and also happens to be the traditional birthstone for July, so July babies are in luck. We’ve got a fantastic inventory of ruby jewelry here at the store to choose from. We’ve got our finger on the pulse of what’s hot and can take the guesswork out of any gift giving, so let us show you around.

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than by sporting a spectacular ruby piece? Let’s see … How about a pair of dazzling ruby-drop earrings to set off your 4th of July outfit? You could pair this with a ruby pendant to make a real splash, or consider going the whole way by choosing a piece that combines beautiful blue sapphire, red ruby and diamonds or white gold. You get to show your impeccable taste and your patriotism all in one go!

Gemstone rings look incredible when you mix stones, so think about a ruby/sapphire ring with either interspersed stones (one then the other, repeating) or a cluster of two or three with baguettes or outside stones of a different color. Another simple and classy favorite is to have a stunning center ruby framed with sparkling diamonds. Whatever combination you can think of, we either have it or can get it, so don’t be shy! 

Sometimes a custom piece is the only way to go for that special gift. You can start with a drawing, a concept or an idea and build from there. Sometimes, you’ll see something that’s almost what you want, but not quite. Our expert bench jewelers are here for you. They can use the piece as a base and mold it to your design. We can add color, diamonds, pearls – whatever your heart desires!

Finally, another way to get your ruby fix is by repurposing. Maybe you have some old jewelry that’s now out of style or that just needs a facelift? We can use the component parts to build something new and unique, maybe by adding or omitting stones or specific design elements. That old brooch may have a beautiful selection of stones, but you simply don’t wear it anymore. Imagine taking those stones and making an earring and pendant set, or perhaps a ring. The sky’s the limit! 

We’ve got lots of ideas. Let us help you celebrate your July in style! We’re proud to be your local jewelry store and are proud of where we live – the best country in the world! Happy July 4th, everyone!

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