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Custom Jewelry PIN-spiration: Tsavorite

Tsavorite Ring at HPerry Jewelers

Tsavorite is a lesser known variety of garnet. Fine-quality tsavorite garnets of significant size can actually be some of the rarest gems in the world, more rare than emerald! In fact, as an alternative to emerald, it is superior in durability and is less expensive, which is surprising because it has less inclusions and is rarely treated, which emerald usually is.

Pinterest Board: Tsavorite.

Tsavorite can be described as a deep, vivid green. It’s the color that best represents an evening hike in the spring, a cold lime beverage on a hot summer day,  an enchanting mermaid for those with an imagination. Any lover of the outdoors is sure to be smitten by this mesmerizing hue.  This color is almost hypnotic, and the pictures simply don’t do it justice.

Tsavorite ring at HPerry Jewelers

Tsavorite is a 7 – 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. This means it’s durable enough to wear in a ring as long as it’s treated with proper care. You can wear a tsavorite every day, but we recommend taking it off for any rigorous activity. Don’t wear your tsavorite jewelry out in the garden, while you’re fixing dinner, or four-wheeling in the woods. Be mindful that it can scratch if it hits a harder material, such as brick or steel. As with all jewelry, we don’t recommend wearing it to bed or in the shower, and we especially warn against wearing it in the pool or hot tub.

For more information about garnet care, read this article from the Gemological Institute of America:

There are other types of green garnet such as “mint garnet” which is a green grossularite, similar to tsavorite but lighter in tone and not as saturated. You can read about our mint garnet line on our blog post about Sharing the Rough and The Devon Foundation, which supports communities in Tanzania that mine a variety of colored stones–including green garnet.

Something about tsavorite is just delicious. Yes, I mean that! It reminds me of crisp bell peppers, lime margaritas, and fresh, summer watermelons.
Tsavorite isn’t only a fantastic alternative to emerald, it’s also a great alternative to traditional garnets if you have a January birthday. Don’t like red? Already have a red garnet? Don’t worry! You can change it up with tsavorite, the rare and beautiful green garnet!

If you have questions about tsavorite or just want to see it in person (maybe you never have before!), feel free to stop by the store anytime to look at our selection. You can also browse our Pinterest for some pin-spiration!


Jordan Rayne
GIA Diamonds Graduate, GIA AJP
Designer and Consultant for HPerry Jewelers since 2013

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