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BlogMay Is For Mom & Fun!

May just wouldn’t be May without writing about Mother’s Day! For those of us in the jewelry business, we have Mother’s Day circled on our calendar as one of the busiest times of the year. More importantly, however, it’s a very special day in the lives of mothers and children everywhere. It’s the day we get to celebrate Mom and make her the center of attention. 

Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 14th this year and we wanted to give you a few ideas on what you could do to make this year’s Mother’s Day nothing short of a full-on experience. Whatever you choose to do, we’re here to help you with the centerpiece of that experience: a fabulous Mother’s Day gift of jewelry!

To make the experience complete, here are some creative ideas to celebrate Mom this year:

  1. Homemade Spa Day: Treat Mom to a luxurious spa day at home. Set up a serene ambiance with soft music, scented candles, and dim lighting, and maybe even a glass of champagne. Purchase or, if you’re really feeling creative, prepare homemade beauty treatments like facial and body scrubs, and foot soaks using natural ingredients. Give Mom a relaxing massage and pamper her with some self-care.
  2. Memory Jar: Get a large, decorative jar and some small pieces of paper. Ask family members and friends to write down their favorite memories or special messages for your mom on the pieces of paper. Fill up the memory jar with these heartfelt messages and present it to Mom as a touching keepsake she can look at for years to come. A little gift box right at the bottom of the jar, holding your message and that very special gift of jewelry, would be an amazing way to top off this experience!
  3. Outdoor Picnic: Plan a lovely outdoor picnic in a nearby park or scenic spot. Pack a delicious spread of your mom’s favorite snacks, sandwiches, and beverages. Bring a cozy blanket, some comfortable seating, and decorate the picnic area with flowers, balloons, and fairy lights to create a magical atmosphere for your mom to relax and enjoy. 
  4. Virtual Family Reunion: If you’re unable to physically be with your mom on Mother’s Day, organize a virtual family reunion. Set up a video conference call with all the family members and surprise your mom with a virtual celebration filled with heartfelt messages, laughter, and fun activities, like virtual games, quizzes, and photo sharing.

As for your gift, if you are thinking of jewelry for Mom specifically, we have a couple of ideas. Let’s just say that every woman deserves a Luvente or Allison-Kaufman piece in her life!

Luvente’s motto is “love the events of life”, so is perfect for a Mother’s Day gift. Whether Mom likes “trendy” or classic, the pieces in the Luvente collections are absolute showstoppers. There’s always something new available and we can’t think of a better line of jewelry to celebrate Mother’s Day. (More on Luvente next month!)

Allison-Kaufman Company is known as one of the oldest and most respected diamond jewelry artisans in the US. Only the finest quality diamonds and gemstones and top-notch craftsmanship earns a piece the distinction of the AK trademark, so if you’re looking to regale Mom with some of the finest jewelry out there, come and browse our AK inventory. 

Lastly, we must not forget the mighty emerald! Emerald happens to be the traditional birthstone of the month of May, so it’s therefore fitting that it also extend to Mother’s Day gifts (even better if Mom’s birthday also happens to fall in the month of May!). We have a huge array of emerald jewelry, including gorgeous pendants, emerald earrings and emerald-diamond right-hand rings that look incredible with any outfit, waiting for you in store. Come in and let us know a little bit about Mom and we will help you select the perfect piece. 

Remember, the most important aspect of celebrating Mother’s Day is to show your mom your love, appreciation, and gratitude. Whether that is with a gift of jewelry or through a well-thought out experience, make Mom the center of attention. This is your time to show Mom just how much you’ve appreciated her over the years.

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