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BlogMay 8th is For Mom

Did you know that Mother’s Day originated in the United States? It was created by Anna Jarvis and John Wanamaker following the death of Anna’s mother, Ann Jarvis, on May 9, 1905.  The first recognized instance was May, 1908, in West Virginia with a larger ceremony in Philadelphia. The next year, the day was reported to be widely celebrated in New York, and from there, it just caught on. Anna campaigned to establish Mother’s Day first as a U.S. national holiday and then as an international holiday, which began to happen in 1910, and it spread quickly from there. 

Anna was also responsible for adopting the white carnation as the traditional Mother’s Day flower. In her words: 

“Its whiteness is to symbolize the truth, purity and broad-charity of mother love; its fragrance, her memory, and her prayers. The carnation does not drop its petals, but hugs them to its heart as it dies, and so, too, mothers hug their children to their hearts, their mother love never dying. When I selected this flower, I was remembering my mother’s bed of white pinks.”

Since its emergence at the turn of the 20th century, Mother’s Day has spread in popularity across the world and now over 40 countries near and far dedicate a day in May to Mom, although the date on which it is celebrated varies from country to country. (We should also remember that Mother’s Day is not to be confused with the European “Mothering Sunday”, which was created many centuries ago to celebrate the church (Mother Church) where a person was baptized.) 

This year, Mother’s Day will be celebrated in the United States on Sunday May 8, 2022. Let’s celebrate Mom this year knowing that it all started here! Jewelry and Mother’s Day go hand-in-hand. The whole point of Mother’s Day is to convey to Mom that you are thinking of her, and what better way to do that than with something she can wear year-round and that will make her think of you every time she looks in the mirror? How about a set of pearls or diamond studs? Such a simple, yet elegant, gift that will make Mom feel like a million bucks when she wears them. We also have rings galore in so many unique styles and configurations, you’re bound to find exactly the one that suits Mom’s personality! So, pop in and talk to us. We’ve made sure there’s something for every taste and pocket-book, so you won’t go home empty-handed. 

While Mother’s Day is mainly on our mind this month, let’s not forget about those special May babies. Whether they are a mom or not, most of us have a special May baby in our lives that deserves to be made to feel special this month. Think birthstones, think emeralds! 

Everyone loves emeralds. This deep green-colored gemstone has been prized throughout the millennia as a symbol of opulence. It is considered a precious stone (one of the seven) and is the green variant of the mineral “beryl”. Did you know that emeralds are also used to symbolize and celebrate the 25th and 35th wedding anniversaries? Yet another reason to keep emeralds in mind as a perfect gift for that special someone. 

So, whether you’re making Mother’s Day, 2022 extra special for Mom this year, or celebrating the birthday of a May baby, we can help. Come in and see us. Together, we’ll find a gift that will knock their socks off!

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