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BlogLet’s Make March for Him!

Hey ladies! Did your guy get you an amazing gift for Valentine’s Day and you want to get him a little something in return? Well, your favorite jewelers (that would be us) have got you covered. It’s love at first sight for all guys when they see one of our fabulous Hamilton Watches but, this month, we’re adding to our men’s line with a great range of pieces from INOX. Don’t know them? Let us introduce you!

INOX is a great men’s brand that we picked up at our last buying show and we’re in love! This line has such an amazing range of men’s gifts. To pieces incorporating leather and wood, or gold and diamonds, this line has you covered for every guy’s unique taste. It’s the definition of masculine, and the pieces are beautifully finished and always appreciated.

We’ve got men’s bracelets, chains and pendants available. INOX likes experimenting with different materials and looks – that’s one of the things that attracted us to them in the first place- so they are always coming out with new and unique designs for him. Whether it’s dressy or everyday, there’s something to suit.

Check out the photo gallery below for some ideas, but keep in mind that there’s lots more where this came from in our store. Whether your guy is into a simple and classic look, or something more bling, we have something for him. 

Outside of that, you won’t want to forget about the March babies in your life. March means aquamarine and we have plenty of pieces to choose from to brighten March’s (sometimes dreary) days. Aquamarine is that fabulous sea-blue colored stone that makes us all wish we were sitting on a beach staring at the Caribbean sea. Even if your March baby isn’t a water baby, this color has the power to soothe any soul and makes for a thoughtful gift for anyone. 

Ladies, let’s focus on the guys this month! Come on into the store so we can show you our great new INOX men’s line. And while you’re at it, take a look for yourself too! Remember, we keep wish-lists on hand, so we can note down your favorite pieces and have this info available for your special guy when he comes in next time to buy for you.

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