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BlogFather’s Day is June 18th!

What does June mean for you? For most, it means that summer is almost here – vacations to plan, getting outside to enjoy nature and sun rays to soak up. We’ve been waiting patiently and doing some summer dreaming of our own. As far as special dates on the calendar go, June  means Father’s Day. This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday June 18, 2023, and we’re determined to help you make it one Dad will not soon forget!  

FOR HIM:: Time, plus INOX 

From something simple and small, to a grand gesture for Dad, we have you covered. Jewelry is often associated with women, but in actual fact, there is as large a selection of men’s jewelry out there as there is for women. We LOVE shopping for the guys and make a point of bringing in trendy and classic pieces to tantalize HIM, especially at this time of year.

So, what do Dads like? We have a bunch of options, but your best bet is to come into the store because it gives you access to our professionals, who know every idea in the book! How about the gift of a timepiece or something from the awesome INOX range for men?

First, let’s start with “time”. Dads love watches. A wristwatch is perhaps the most popular piece of men’s “jewelry” there is – it has function, engineering, fashion and presence all in one piece – and it is a classic gift given to celebrate Father’s Day. You’ll often see guys checking out their friends’ wrists, just as the ladies may do with earrings and pendants. Don’t deny it, guys! We’ve seen you do it! 

For him, consider a Hamilton and Seiko timepiece. Both of these brands have incredible value for money in terms of quality, movements and finishing, as well as a massive range in available styles. Both brands are very well-respected in the horology circles and you only need to drop into YouTube for 10 seconds to see loads of popular channels talking about them all the time. You can look at mechanical, automatic, quarts and even LED (think 1980) watches. The range is amazing and, well, guys love them! Check this video to see Hamilton watches that have been  in the movies since 1932: 

We also have a perfect range of men’s jewelry from INOX. We’ll drop a link to the site here, but it’s best to see these pieces in person, right here in the store! INOX pieces are perfect for that trendy dad or the man in your life who loves to accessorize his wardrobe. 

Whatever your special guy likes, we’ll have something for him. Drop in and let us look after you – and him – and help make Sunday June 18th, 2023 extra-special.

FOR HER: Luvente

Daughters: and while you’re shopping for Dad …. OK, we can’t have it all about Dad this June – the ladies also need pampering too, right? We’ve put a little write-up below on our great Luvente line of jewelry which we’d love to show you when you come in to find that perfect piece for Dad!.

Luvente is a family-run business, co-founded by Michael Dabakarov and Daniel Dabakarov, known in the industry as true jewelry veterans. The line is rich in heritage—drawing on three generations of fine jewelry artistry and over 100 years of collective industry experience—and offers you remarkable value at irresistible price points.

Offering an extensive array of varying styles from trendy and cosmopolitan, to elegant and traditional Luvente’s collections cater to every style preference, personality, and occasion. From elegant icons to edgy creations—featuring diamonds, precious and semi-precious gemstones in 14k or 18k white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or a mix of precious metals—Luvente jewelry sparks conversation, showcases individuality, and celebrates the remarkable courage of those making the most of all that life has to offer.

Luvente is all about celebrating life’s moments, so whether you seek a gift to commemorate a special occasion or one of life’s most precious moments, Luvente has something for you. To say a meaningful “thank you,” “I love you,” or “just because”, or to simply indulge in some retail therapy for yourself (you’re worth it!), look no further than Luvente. 

So, there you have it! June is the month we get revved up for summer and focus on Dad and all the wonderful things he’s done for us. We have you covered – for both him and for her – so drop into the store and let us help you pick out the best there is in jewelry and watches!

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