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BlogEmployee Spotlight : Bryan Capshaw

Have you had a custom ring made at HPerry Jewelers before? If so, there is a very good chance it was made by the guy in this picture! Following his days as an artisan goldsmith, he moved on to become manager of the store in 2014. You can expect to see his smiling face behind the counter now, sharing his love of jewelry and expertise from 23 years as a bench jeweler.

If you swing by to find Bryan at the store, you might catch him working on a CAD design, examining diamonds for quality assurance (wearing his optivisor by the way, also called his “cheaters”), or cracking up customers with his warm sense of humor.

We thought it would be a good idea to share some information on this beloved HPerry’s icon with a fun interview with the man himself.

Hey Bryan, thank you for letting us interview you!

“Thanks for having me!”

So how long have you worked for HPerry Jewelers?

“Well in April it was 17 years, so I’m working on my 18th year now. It just seems like yesterday I started working here! Time flies when you’re having fun.”

What is your favorite thing about your job?

“I would say my favorite part of the job is seeing the customers satisfaction with their purchases and custom ring designs. We are in a unique situation because we see a lot of couples at one of the most exciting, happy times of their life. Shopping for a ring is probably one of the first big decisions they make, and it’s such a pleasure to be a part of it.”

What is something you wish you had known before making your first jewelry purchase?

“I wish that I had already worked in the industry so that I would have been more knowledgeable about my purchase. I didn’t go to HPerry’s, and I spent more money than I should have. Working with an experienced professional would have helped me a lot.”

What is your favorite gemstone?

“That’s a question I have never been asked! The thing is, I don’t know that I have a favorite. I’ve seen rubies that I thought were amazing, I’ve seen gorgeous alexandrites, but I’m going to say amethyst is my favorite because that is my birthstone!”

Who is your favorite coworker? Hint: It might be the person writing this blog.

“Hahahaha. I like all my coworkers the exact same! Except for Randy.”

Side note: Bryan and Randy have worked together for over 20 years and are the best of friends! Ask for Randy next time you’re in, he’s another expert jeweler we are lucky to have!

“What do you like to do when you’re not working?”

“I have two German shepherd puppies that I enjoy playing with! Oh yeah, and I guess my kids too! I’m also a huge sports fan.”

Bryan is a very valuable member of the HPerry Jewelers team. He will do anything to help a customer with their jewelry decision, literally! We once caught him modeling sparkly clip-on earrings for a customer (or at least we hope so!).

Our team is blessed to have a store manager like him, and we don’t know what we would do without his goofy jokes, comedic storytelling, and of course–his cheaters!

When Bryan thinks too hard…
Don’t tell him we posted this picture!

Written by…

Jordan Rayne
GIA Diamonds Graduate, GIA AJP
Designer and Consultant for HPerry Jewelers since 2013

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