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BlogDad is in June’s Spotlight!

In the blink of an eye and it’s already June! We were run off our feet in May helping our customers set Mom up with the perfect Mother’s Day gift and ensuring that all those May babies had something special to open on their birthdays. We love helping our customers put a smile on the faces of their loved ones – that’s why we’re in the business. June is no different – we have lots going on and plan on being just as busy as we were in May. This month, however, the focus is on Dad. 

Father’s Day falls on Sunday June 19th this year and we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeve for that special Father’s Day gift. Last month, we gave you a quick run-down of the history of Mother’s Day, so it’s only fitting that we do the same for Dad this month. 

Father’s Day was founded in the United States in Spokane, Washington by Sonora Smart Dodd in 1910. Sonora’s father was a single parent who raised his six children and, after hearing about Mother’s Day (you can read all about its beginnings in our May, 2022 blog), she suggested to her pastor that fathers should also be similarly celebrated. The Spokane Ministerial Alliance got to work and made things ready for the third Sunday of that June, which is the day it’s celebrated on to this day.

It was Mom’s turn for a little pampering last month, and this month, it’s Dad’s turn! Dads sometimes get a little left behind in the celebration department, so even if your family hasn’t traditionally celebrated Father’s Day, make 2022 the year to start a new tradition and make some memories. While tools and golf clubs often first come to mind when thinking about a gift for Dad, we’d encourage you to think jewelry this year. Jewelry is a really personal gift that speaks from the heart. Although most jewelry marketing has traditionally been geared towards the ladies, there has definitely been a trend in recent years towards more jewelry for men. We have some amazing men’s gift ideas here in the store that we’d love to show you. We know that Dad will love the thought. Come into the store and tell us a little bit about Dad, and we’ll match a gift to his personality and/or hobbies. Let’s face it – if it’s from you, he’s going to love it!

If you have loved ones celebrating birthdays in June, we can also help. As you know, every month has its birthstone, and for June the ancient and mysterious pearl steals the limelight. There are three main types of pearl, being (in order of expense); natural, cultured, and imitation. Natural pearls occur in the wild, growing in the shell of a Mollusc. Nature is so amazing, isn’t it? She can create such a beautiful ornament seeded by a mere speck of sand.  Cultured pearls are “seeded” by humans, but are then grown naturally in the shell. Imitation pearls are often polished mother-of-pearl, coral or conch shell. Whichever way you decide to go, we have you covered. 

June has arrived and we’re excited to see what it brings. Come into the store and let us help you with all of your gift and jewelry needs. Whether for you or for someone special, we have tons of items in-stock that will both surprise and delight. See you soon! 

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