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BlogChristmas 2021 is Here!

Can you believe it’s that time of the year again? The holiday season is officially upon us and we’re feeling festive! We’ve had a great year at the store and we can’t wait to top it all off with a great December and Christmas 2021!

We’ve been busy – we have all manner of gifts in-stock for you to see, so come on in and spend a little time with us this month. We’re brimming with ideas to make your holiday shopping easy. We have something for every taste and every budget. You’ll find everything from stocking stuffers to a gift for that “wow” moment that will make memories that last a lifetime. 

And let’s not forget the December babies out there. December babies can have it a little tough since their birthday is so close to Christmas. They often receive the combined birthday/Christmas gift instead of a unique gift for their birthday. Make your December baby feel special by getting them a personalized gift to celebrate their birthday, apart from Christmas. And Blue Zircon is where it’s at! 

Blue Zircon is a natural material found in many countries and areas, including the Far East, Africa, and South America. The base stone is actually colorless but impurities color it in several ways, including the December color of blue.  Zircon is known as one of the oldest elements on earth – a tiny spec has been dated to nearly 4.4 billion years old and, as such, is the oldest thing ever found on our planet. We’ve got some fabulousBlue Zircon pieces in-store right now that will blow your mind! 

And finally, to you, our customers: we can’t tell you how much we appreciate you! You have truly made 2021 a special year for us. We are your local jewelry store and we’re proud of it. Shopping locally is one of the best ways to support your community. We live, work and play here with you, and it is always very much appreciated when you shop with us. We offer a great selection and competitive prices, but part of shopping locally means we get to forge personal relationships with our customers. Getting to know you allows us to hone in on items that will make the best gifts, meaning you leave our store with exactly what you want, not something else. The personal relationships we create translate into trust and accountability. We stand by our products and services and are always here if you need assistance with your purchase afterward. 

Thank you for such an amazing year! Thank you for your business, trust, and for spending time with us in 2021. We hope you have a wonderful December and holiday season, and look forward to seeing you soon! 

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