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BlogBuying Local: The Human Touch

Happy August, everyone! We hope you’re having a wonderful summer and are getting the chance to have a little down time. 

In this month’s blog article, we are continuing with our series on why you should shop local for your jewelry. Last month, we set out a list of 10 points on why you should be buying jewelry from your local jeweler as opposed to purchasing it online. You can check out last month’s blog article here: This month, we’re going to delve a little deeper into some of the points on that list and concentrate on the differences between the in-store experience and the online one.

Sure – we all love to surf the net and check out what’s available online, but purchasing inexpensive, generic items online is one thing, whereas making an investment in something unique and inherently valuable, like jewelry, is quite another. Shopping for jewelry, whether for yourself or someone else, should be an all-around experience. Here at HPerry we provide you with that special buying experience. It is interactive on a number of levels – you get to feel and touch the items that you’re looking to purchase and you also get the opportunity to interact with our staff and exchange ideas. Our jewelry experts are here to make the experience unique, educational and, of course, fun! Whereas online you may only have a mediocre photograph to go from in determining what it is you are purchasing, in store you have the actual piece in front of you with the ability to ask our jewelry experts all the important questions you may have. You won’t be left in any doubt about what you are buying when you buy with us! 

Our salespeople can simplify the task of choosing the perfect piece of jewelry. They have decades of experience helping our customers find the best choice of jewelry for the occasion, and we often know what you might be looking for before you do! We have learnt to read our customers’ needs based on a few simple hints and can very often put our finger on the exact piece you’re looking for right away. We do this everyday, so let our encyclopedic knowledge of jewelry work for you. Plus, we may be able to show you options you would never have considered but which turn out to be the perfect choice. 

Our store commits to being a “no pressure zone”. We want our customers to be relaxed and comfortable while browsing our inventory. When you are ready to talk to us, we’ll be ready and waiting. Meanwhile, take your time, ask to see as many items as you like and just generally enjoy the experience of being inside our lovely store. Our personal, professional service is on a human scale. We work at your pace, not the other way around. 

Another aspect of the personal experience that we offer is that our staff will often remember prior purchases that you or the intended gift recipient have made with us, making it simple for us to show you something that may compliment these prior purchases perfectly. Imagine peering into your loved-ones jewelry box with an expert at your shoulder to make sure the item you select matches the aesthetic and style of their other pieces.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we stand 100% behind our jewelry and we back up every sale with the best after-care services found anywhere. We stand by our products as we only stock pieces we know are of excellent quality. We can service, repair and alter any piece and also help with other things too, like appraisals, financing and more.

All in all, the experience of shopping in our beautiful, local jewelry store is the exact opposite of catalog or online sales shopping. It’s about people, relationships, services, and interaction, as opposed to simply looking at what a computer algorithm thinks you might like. This is what you want when shopping for jewelry, since jewelry is not only an investment, but also a reflection of the wearer’s personality. Let our jewelry experts help you get it right the first time!

Stay tuned for more tidbits on why we think you should be shopping with your local jeweler next month, but before we go, we’d like to do what we do every month in our blogs, which is remind you of the current month’s birthstone. August’s birthstone is beautiful olive-green gemstone of Peridot and you can learn all about it from our blog from last August which can be found here: 

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