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BlogApril: new beginnings

What does April mean to you? 

April isn’t just the fourth month in the Gregorian calendar or the month we associate most closely with the coming of spring. It’s so much more!

April will mean different things to different people, but all these things tend to have one thing in common: new beginnings. The word “April” comes from the latin word “aperire”, which means “to open”. This could be a reference to the opening or blossoming of flowers and trees, which is something those of us in the Northern Hemisphere get to experience at this time of year, or it may simply be associated with the opening of our homes to fresh air and sunshine. If you want to get really philosophical, it may be symbolic of the opening of our eyes and hearts to the wonders of the world around us after a long winter hibernation. 

For us here at HPerry, it means green leaves and sunshine, blooming flowers and the smell of cut grass. It means getting together and enjoying each others’ company, and celebrating Easter, proms and spring weddings!

Whatever spring means to you, we have you covered. Do you have an April baby in your life? If so, we’d love to dazzle you with our diamond jewelry (remember, diamond is April’s birthstone). Or how about a gift of religious-inspired jewelry for that devout friend or family member in honor of their celebration of Easter? We have items of this nature in stock and, if you’re looking for something in particular and we don’t have it, we can order it in for you. And finally, let’s not forget it’s junior and senior prom season! Think of how happy your daughter or granddaughter will be to receive a piece of jewelry that matches her gorgeous new prom dress and that she can show off to all her pals? Jewelry is a wonderful way to commemorate all of these occasions and put a smile on a loved one’s face.

And don’t forget about mom! We’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday May 9th this year, so come in and shop for mom’s gift early.

It’s time to open the windows and let in the fresh spring breeze. Come on down to our store and see our spring offerings – we have something to match everyone’s style and budget. Hope to see you soon!

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