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BlogApril Is Diamonds, Diamonds, Diamonds!

Diamonds Really Are a Girl’s Best Friend! 

In the world of precious stones, diamonds stand unmatched for strength, and the promise of forever. These incredible gemstones are born from the depths of the Earth under immense pressure and heat, and are well-known as being symbols of luxury.

Often center-stage in bridal jewelry, diamonds often represent milestones, emotions, and enduring love. But don’t forget that diamonds are not just for engagements, weddings and anniversaries – they are also the traditional birthstone for April! Giving a diamond to someone born in April adds a highly-personalized touch to any gift. At HPerry Jewelers, we offer a stunning selection of diamond jewelry that captures the brilliance and beauty of April’s birthstone.

Diamonds are truly marvels of nature. Forged over billions of years, deep within the Earth’s mantle, each diamond has taken an extraordinary journey. It begins with carbon that has been subjected to incredible heat and pressure in the earth, eventually crystallizing into the “stones” we have admired and gifted for centuries. The journey from a rough stone to a polished gem is meticulous and precise, involving skilled craftsmanship to reveal its maximum size and brilliance. 

Each diamond has a “fingerprint” and any two are not created equal. They are very much creations of the earth with unique character, cut, color, clarity, and carat (size). All this individuality tells a story of that billion-year process and thus becomes the bearer of memories. 

The world of diamonds is as diverse as it is fascinating. From the classic elegance of the round-brilliant cut to the sleek modern emerald cut, there is always a diamond to match a person’s taste and style. Innovations in cutting and setting techniques have further expanded the possibilities, allowing for designs that push the boundaries of jewelry making.  

There is a lot to know about diamonds. We didn’t want to create a basic “4 C’s of diamonds” article because, as useful as that basic information is, it is basic. There are many more facets (pun intended!) to diamonds including inclusions, fluorescence, girdle, proportions of height vs depth, as well as several other things like certification, source country and more. That’s why you have us!

We’re your local jeweler. We know all there is to know about diamonds, settings, style choices, custom options, metallurgy and fashion when applied to jewelry. We’re here to make sure you have all the information so you can make the perfect choice – and we always stand behind our products and services. 

See you in the store soon! 

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