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Blog20% Off All Ruby Jewelry

July babies have all the luck: not only do their birthdays fall within the fabulous summer months, but their birthstone is the breathtaking ruby. 

When you think of this gemstone, it’s hard not to conjure up images of heat, passion and royalty.  We often use the phrase “ruby red” to describe that gorgeous, deep-red hue that we see all around us – think of that favorite shade of red lipstick or Dorothy’s slippers in The Wizard of Oz. In jewelers’ parlance, that color is actually known as “pigeon blood” and, due to its rareness, commands a large premium over other types of stones. 

But did you know that not all rubies are red? Rubies come in a variety of shades, from the standout pigeon blood red to more subtle shades of pink which are ideal if you’re trying to go for a more understated look. Whichever hue appeals to you the most, every girl needs a stunning ruby in her jewelry arsenal, and we can help! 

In honor of all July babies, we’re offering 20% off all rubies during the month of July. We have a wide array of gorgeous ruby jewelry that you can browse online in our jewelry showcase or we’d love to speak to you about making a custom piece with a ruby at its heart. 

Give us a call on 479-443-3222 or come on down to our store located at 4075 N Shiloh Dr. We love being your local jeweler!

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