Repairs & Appraisals


HPerry’s has been manufacturing and repairing jewelry since 1948. Full service jewelry repair includes:

Ring Sizing | Prong Re-tipping | Stone Resetting
Ring Soldering | Bead Restringing | Clasp & O-Ring Repair
Missing Stone (Diamonds & Gem Stones) Replacement
Chain Soldering | Pin Replacement | Watch Battery Replacement | Gaskets
Watch Repair | Rhodium Plating

Appraisals for Insurance or Resale from The Gem Lab (Link to http://www.thegemlab-icga.com/) start at $150.00. This comprehensive document contains all of the information you need, and is written by the most accredited jewelry appraiser in Arkansas. If you are not sure if you should have your jewelry appraised, feel free to bring it by the store and ask. We are also happy to take a look at your jewelry and tell you the gold value at no charge.


When you buy a piece of jewelry from HPerry Jewelers, we warranty it for loss of stones at absolutely no charge to you. The customer must allow our jewelers to clean and check their jewelry every 6 months for us to honor our warranty. There is no charge for cleaning and checking.


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